Government Arts College (Autonomous) , Salem-7 as the oldest higher education centre in Salem district has a Research and Development Cell. It governs and encourages research activities in this institution.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote multidisciplinary research and research projects.
  2. To encourage publications in referred journals with high impact factor.
  3. To formulate rules and regulations of research.
  4. To institute Industry Collaboration.
  5. To develop Core Competence and Consultancy.
  6. To obtain Patents & IPR Knowledge.
  7. To enhance the quality and quantity of research.
  8. To promote interdisciplinary research.
  9. To motivate publications of research articles and books.
  10. To organise seminars, conferences, symposium and workshops
  11. To provide learning environment and infrastructure.
  12. To promote socially relevant research.
  13. To ensure quality research free from plagiarism.
  14. To conduct Staff Development Programs.

About the Research and Development Cell

Research is an essential part of Higher Education. Government Arts College (Autonomous) Salem-7 ranks in the top-most position as an established centre of learning and disseminating knowledge among the higher education institutions in the state. The Research and Development (R&D) Cell of this centenary crossed institution encourages the members of the faculty towards publication of papers and guidance. Socially relevant projects further aid the research scholars to transform themselves for their employability and empowerment. The R&D cell also initiates the development of projects of utility value for the college through the team work of students and faculty. The R&D Cell coordinates and monitors the research activities carried out by separate teams of the faculty and students. The various research activities in the field of Science and Humanities carried out by scholars under the guidance of subject experts enriches the research outcomes. The contributions executed by the members of various faculties towards research builds an erudite atmosphere both to the student and teaching community.


The significant factors indicating the potential growth in the research activities of the institution includes the enhancement in the research publications in peer reviewed journals, Research Projects/ Grants, Patents, Collaborations, Doctoral Program and Faculty Development. The R & D cell is focusing on the following major activities. As a result of tireless efforts taken in the research activities, the college has to its credit many research publications in National and International peer reviewed Journals. The faculty members have also presented research papers in various national and international conferences. The total 560 research papers have been published since 2012- 13, out of which 369 research papers have been published in journals and remaining have been published in conferences. It is noteworthy to mention here that out of total research papers published in international journals, more than 300 research papers have been published in peer reviewed journals with impact factor in the range 0.5 to 6. An academic environment is created in the institution and necessary facilities are provided to encourage and carry out research.

r-and-d members