As per the order of the Supreme Court of India, UGC Regulations and Tamilnadu Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997, Ragging is a violation of human rights and heinous crime.The anti- ragging committee, comprising the Principal as the Chairman and senior faculty as the other members, takes stringent measures to prevent ragging on the campus.


  1. Dr. G. Venkatesan, Head, Department of Statistics
  2. Dr. V. Anbarasi, Head, Department of English
  3. Dr. A. Raja, Head, Department of Geography
  4. Dr. N. Saravana Devi, Head, Department of Business Administration
  5. Dr. V. Veeramuthu, Head, Department of Political Science
  6. Mr. M .Murugesan, Office Superintendent

Anti-ragging Cell Initiatives

The initiatives taken by the institution to curb the menace of ragging are as follows:

  • The anti – ragging committee sets up banners and also anti-ragging legal notifications on the
    college notice boards.
  • The faculty orients the senior students into understanding the ethos of the college and thereby
    positively encourages them to proactively interconnect with the new entrants.
  • Strict anti-ragging instructions are given to the students through handbook.
  • At the time of admission an undertaking is received both from the students and the Parents on the conduct of the students.
  • On the Orientation Day the Principal alerts the students about legislations against ragging.
  • Ragging is banned in the college and no serious instances of ragging have been reported in the campus till date.
  • Organising Anti-Ragging awareness lecture by Police Officials.
  • Displaying quotes and legal acts of ragging at all significant places in the college campus.
  • Constitution of anti-ragging squads to curb ragging.
  • Fixing a complaint box in the college as well as in the hostel facilitating the entrants to
    post their grievances against ragging encountered by them.
  • Warning the students of strict actions like dismissal if involved in ragging and found guilty.